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Natural Hue painting x Custom & Personalized

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Hey Royal ART Enthusiast,

The Royal Artist was commissioned for Timree Gold a internationally know visual artist painter from L.A. USA.

My fabulous client Timree Gold Commissioned 4 paintings as Christmas 2019 present for her four beautiful nieces. Thankfully the four original art pieces arrived just in time for Christmas!

Timree and her nieces were happy to receive these acrylic, and watercolour originals painted on fine art linen cotton paper. I had a blast painting these during the holidays.

Inspiration: This project was personalized for the client, inspired by The Royal Artist A.B.’s original art series called Natural Hue.

Final Paintings

Want to know more about my fabulous client and Artist, Timree Gold:

When it comes to art, Timree Gold isn’t your typical artist. She believes art should be approachable, imperfect and most importantly fun. Her art invites students of all ages into her whimsical world of all things she adores, be it her paintings of vintage sunglasses or summer popsicles. You’ll typically find her teaching art in her painted jeans and a statement necklace. The beauty of it all is that her paintings and crafts are bright, colorful but never perfect. 

Adults and children from around the world come to learn the whimsical and charming techniques of artist, Timree Gold. This self-taught artist began her career as a hobby painting custom dishes and has grown to be known for her distinctive and imaginative paintings known as the Timree Technique. From live event paintings and murals, to teaching classes and designing product lines, Timree sparkles with creativity and makes art accessible and fun for everyone. Her studio was voted as one of the top 10 “Most Sought-after Art Classes” in the United States, and she now spreads joy through her online livestream classes on Patreon, where she has over 800 monthly members. She has been named one of the “Style Icons of Orange County” by Orange County Magazine and featured on Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County.” As a natural teacher, she was selected by P&G to host a series of DIY videos for moms. The Timree Technique also goes beyond the canvas. She has a number of licensing deals for her original art including a special Michael’s line and holiday collection; an International Greetings card line; and One Bella Casa pillows, totes, wooden wall boards, canvas, and bedding. Her houseware goods have been featured on Zulilly, Wayfair, and Hautelook, which ranked as one of the top 10 sellers in the holiday décor department.

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