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Beauty Skincare routine with Hotty Balm - review

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Hey Royals,

I am a big fan of all natural skin care so I’ve partnered up with my favourite skin care brand Hotty Balm by Bee 23 to share my beauty secrets with you today. We’re talking all-natural solutions for women and children. Taking care of your body, health, and skin made easy with Hotty Balm.

Our family is a big fan of the Bee 23 Hotty Balm product line simply because they use some of the best natural ingredients, in their formula to help rejuvenate our skin. I use Hotty Balm to moisturize my children's skin, my face, and my body. I would highly recommend Hotty Balm to anyone looking for a great product to use under your makeup, or if you have skin issues like eczema. The balm leaves our skin feeling soft and smooth.

Typically my skincare routine starts with washing my face with organic soap twice a day with cold water and I moisturize my face and body with Hotty Balm. I use a Rose oil Sea Salt scrub every Sunday to take off any dead skin. The All-natural Scrub is by Peacefull Infusions (I'll make another post about this great local brand soon)

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