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The making of Hello Beautiful, Shea Queen - Colouring Art Page | Collaboration | Shea moisture

Updated: Sep 20, 2023

Hello Friends,

Allow me to share some details and ideas behind, why I created this positive colouring art page called “Hello Beautiful, Shea Queen. This digital art colouring page was inspired by Shea Moistures 2020 product line and launch event. The Shea Moisture brand is known to use all natural ingredients like Avocado, charcoa, black soap, bamboo, and flower extracts.

“When creating this colouring sheet, I wanted every women, man, and child to feel beautiful, just like the tag line suggests. The concept for the art was inspired by a all natural Queen in her native land, walking free in her boundless curls. A True SHEA Queen.”

The Shea Queen art concept was painted live for the Shea Mosture product launch In Feb 2020 for the guests by the Royal artist. Guests left the event with a custom positive art colouring page, that inspires self confidence from head to toe.

I had a great time conceptualizing and creating this “Shea Queen Colouring art page! The art shows a Royal Shea Queen in her all natural element, unbothered, unafriad to be beautiful.

Want to relax and unwind with this SHea Queen, in a colouring session At home? You can find this colouring art page here.

Perfect art therapy practice for adults and children.

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