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Born in New York City & raised in Toronto, Canada, The Royal Artist Alicia Bucknor is a mother, fashion abstract visual artist, social change artist, author, creative director, and fashion designer who promotes spiritual Royalty.


The Royal Artist expresses herself using digital and traditional canvases like pencil, ink, acrylic paint, pastel, charcoal, watercolour paints and digital tablets.

Raising two princesses into queens has ignited so much creativity, passion, and art for the artist which led her to create “Royal": an art wellness missioned lifestyle brand of affirmations art books, luxury clothing and original art for collectors to feel beautiful, powerful and united.

Royal by Alicia Bucknor advocates for faith, family, love, nature and unity. All products are ethically made in Canada. 

The Royal Artist combines fashion, art and positivity to ignite hope, faith and spiritual royalty from within.

Each art piece has its own story, meaning, and royal purpose. Over the years, The Royal Artist's exemplary expression of fine art and art wear pieces have been featured in establishments around the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

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